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Aussie Gold Hunters: Treasures
HD / 3 x 60'
Electric Pictures for Discovery

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Over five seasons of smash-hit series Aussie Gold Hunters, we’ve witnessed soaring highs and crushing lows. Now, Aussie Gold Hunters: Treasures brings together the show’s most golden moments in three thematically packaged episodes. The first of these specials counts down the top 10 gold finds of the series, until we reach the motherlode: the largest nugget ever unearthed on television. The second episode details the life-threatening situations our fearless prospectors have faced in the harshest of environments - braving bushfires, storms, and snakes - on their quest for a payday. Finally, we uncover the dark side of gold: the extraordinary lengths that our hunters have gone to first find it, and then to protect it from thieves.