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Aussie Gold Hunters Series 1
HD / 8 x 60'
Electric Pictures for Discovery UK & Asia

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Over 8 rollercoaster episodes, this reality series follows larger than life gold prospectors and miners, as they dig deep to follow their gold fever out in the vast wilderness of the legendary Western Australian Goldfields.  For our passionate prospectors – from the big hitters to the up-and-comers – it’s a land of golden opportunity, where a heartbeat’s good fortune can transform your life. But, the road to buried treasure is no joyride. Backbreaking work, extreme weather, isolation, cut-throat competition, deadly wildlife, breakdowns - mechanical and personal - are a high price to pay for your shot at the big time. Over the season we’ll see them bet their dreams, their reputations and their life savings, in pursuit of the critical gold targets that could spell dreamland or disaster for their hopes.  Packed with soaring emotional highs and lows, Aussie Gold Hunters tells the story of ordinary men and women going to extraordinary lengths - in an extraordinary land - to chase their dreams.