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Find My Killer
HD / 10 x 10'
Screentime NZ for TVNZ OnDemand

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This series follows the digital investigation into the disappearance and murder of 17 year old Mia Bryant.

Inspired by real events, this fictionalised story offers a dramatic and compelling insight into the fast paced, information-laden, screen-fixated society we’ve become.

Find My Killer invites viewers to solve the mystery of Mia’s murder. They’ll be given an evolving opportunity to work out who is innocent and who is guilty; sometimes finding themselves playing catch-up or, courtesy of our posthumous narrator Mia, and the ancillary information she provides, they’ll feel like they’re one step ahead of the series ‘investigator’, a police based digital forensicist.

Like any murder mystery, Find My Killer is designed to keep the audience guessing and, hopefully, surprise them with some unexpected turns.



Mark Mitchinson as SUPERINTENDENT SMYTHE (Mystery Road, The Luminaries, The Gulf)

Zoe Jansson-Bush as MIA BRYANT (The Bad Seed)