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Secrets Of Great British Castles Series 1
HD / 6 x 60'
Sideline Productions & Motion Content Group for Channel 5

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The romantic appearance of castles across Britain belies their turbulent history as their walls are littered with the secrets of battles, sieges, intrigue and murder.  Presented by Dan Jones, this brand new 6 part series, brings you behind the scenes of Britain’s greatest castles and with dramatic stories and insightful interviews unravels the tales of the iconic fortifications and strongholds that are at the very core of British history. Filmed in stunning locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each show peels back the layers of a famous castle and from its foundation onwards, we discover its notorious inhabitants, infamous battles and the local communities that have shaped each fortress to stand as an iconic structure today.  With a compelling narrative and primetime production values boosted by computer graphics, aerial footage and dramatic reconstructions, Secrets Of Great British Castles is an important living history series that will inform, educate and entertain TV audiences across the world.