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Real Detective Series 2
HD / 8 x 60'
A WAM Media GRP Production for Discovery ID

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Every detective has that one case that preys on their mind long after the case is closed...True crime docudrama series Real Detective returns with new detectives and new cases. In each episode, a real detective shares that one case that was tough to crack. A case that in turn nearly cracked them. Cinematic quality recreations powerfully retell the trials and tribulations, the twists and turns, and the highs and lows of each homicide investigation. Combined with revealing first personal testimony from the real detectives themselves, Real Detective is a gripping and unforgettable watch.


Dramatised storyline re-enacted by:

Episode 1: Daniel Cudmore (X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Arrow, The Twilight Saga)

Episode 2: Craig Olejnik (The Listener, Republic Of Doyle, Murdoch Mysteries)

Episode 3: Mia Kirshner (24, The L Word, The Vampire Diaries)

Episode 4: Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter, 19-2, White House Down) and Laura Mennell (Man In The High Castle, Van Helsing, Haven)

Episode 5: Louis Ferreira (Breaking Bad, This Life, The X-Files) and Sergio Di Zio (Being Human, Suits, Rogue)

Episode 6: David Cubitt (Once Upon A Time, Bates Motel, Arrow)

Episode 7: Arnold Pinnock (Altered Carbon, Beauty & The Beast, Travelers)

Episode 8: Ben Cotton (Supernatural, Mars, Olympus)