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Survival Of The Species With Ben Fogle
4K / HD / 10 x 60'
Oxyg3n Media for Discovery

Adventurer Ben Fogle and his team of Zoologists and wildlife experts examine the issues and solutions facing species survival and new species discovery, as they travel the length and breadth of the African continent in search of the savage truth about our waning wildlife. In an effort to remain impartial, Ben meets with poachers, anti-poaching renegades, hunters, conservationists and agents of the black market. He looks at everything from sharks and oceans to rhino horn poaching and trophy hunting, from devastation caused by deforestation, to the diseases derived from bush-meat. Ben experiences fear, frustration, hope and joy on his journey to find the facts. Throughout this series Ben shines a light on the latest technologies, innovations and sometimes controversial methods being used to help the survival of the species on this incredible continent.