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Taggart Series 1 - 27
110 x 60' - 130'
STV Productions for ITV

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Series 1 – 26: 104 x 60’ – 130’ | Series 27: 6 x 60’

Series 1 - 15 available in 4:3 only.

Only Series 27 available in HD.

Action-packed, pacy, slick, edgy and sinister, hard-hitting crime drama series Taggart has evolved throughout the years to high acclaim. With DCI Jim Taggart arriving on the scene as the quiet anti-hero followed by shady and rebellious DI Ross’ maverick approach to policing, as well as calm but calculated DC Fraser, each detective contributes a new dimension to an array of difficult and complex cases.  From corporate fraud to gangland drug warfare, the menacing nature of cases over its 28-year run paves the way for a generation of detective series, with its most recent focusing on a tight unit, headed by DCI Burke, as they investigate a number of unique cases.


Including cast appearances by:

Mark McManus as DCI JIM TAGGART (Minder, Bullman, Killer)

John Michie as DI ROBBIE ROSS (Our Girl, Wire In The Blood, Dalziel & Pascoe)

James MacPherson as DCI MICHAEL JARDINE (The Bill, Doctors, The Real Tartan Army)

Alex Norton as DCI MATT BURKE (Hatton Garden, Shetland, Silent Witness)