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The Art Detectives Series 1
HD / 3 x 60'
Tern TV Productions for BBC Four

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This series follows one of the world’s leading art detectives, Dr Bendor Grosvenor, as together with art historian Jacky Klein he tracks down lost and hidden public treasures from local museums and galleries all across Britain and restores them for the nation. In a simple format driven by amazing real life ‘history sleuthing’, Bendor and Jacky will identify three or four lost treasures per episode, resurrect them and rehang them. Astonishingly at least 40,000 of the paintings in the British national archive are unattributed. We don’t know who painted them or what their subject is. They are unsolved mysteries. However, Bendor has made his name specialising in identifying these ‘sleepers’ and he’s determined to bring them back to life.