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The Christopher Cross Story: The Canvas Can Do Miracles
HD / 1 x 60' / 1 x 90'
Creator Group

This feature length documentary celebrates the 40th anniversary of Christopher Cross’ self-titled debut album, which sold over 9 million copies, won 5 Grammy Awards and spawned huge hits including 'Sailing' and 'Ride Like the Wind'. The film takes a look at the story behind the album, the people who made it and the impact it had on both the artist and the fans. Through exclusive interviews with Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald and many others along with rare archive footage, the film also looks at the impact of such huge sudden fame on an artist not prepared for the limelight, how he coped with the pressures along the way and how Christopher struggled with media attention. It’s one of the great untold stories of popular music. It’s about the ups and downs of fame and the modern media world. It’s a celebration of the music, the hits and the artistry behind it.