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Venus & Mars
HD / 1 x 90
A Screentime NZ Production in association with NZ On Air and TVNZ

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A police officer bound, gagged, slashed and bleeding in the backyard of his burning house. A crazed Satanic Avenger on the loose, a city living in fear, who will be next?  The case that sparked Operation Venus / Mars was one of the most shocking crimes in New Zealand’s contemporary history. In order to escape a marriage it involved a deception of the highest level. A man willing to sacrifice almost anything, including his career as a well-liked and well-respected fraud detective, all the while watching as his friends and colleagues families lived in fear and investigated a fictional attacker he himself created. But one Detective working on instinct saw through the lies and went out on a limb, risking his own career to bring the truth to light.



Craig Hall as GRANT NICHOLLS (A Place To Call Home, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries)

Ande Cunningham as BRENT GARNER (Spartacus: War Of The Damned & Gods Of The Arena, Packed To The Rafters)

Sara Wiseman as SUE STEWART (A Place To Call Home, Rake, The Almighty Johnsons)

Joel Tobeck as ROSS GRANTHAM (Tangle, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Hope & Wire)