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Virtual Mipcom

DCD Recommends

Explore DCD's extensive catalogue of blue light programming, Facing The Fire with the West Midlands Fire Service, racing through the skies with Emergency Helicopter Medics, and battling all the elements to save lives in Emergency Rescue: Air, Land & Sea.


Featuring special guest appearances from the stars of our biggest drama of the year, we are pleased to showcase the best of murder and investigation from two fantastic returning franchises, as well as classic shows new to the DCD catalogue.

Factual Documentaries

Bettany Hughes welcomes you as we travel across the world to the best historic sites; discover the truth behind notorious assassinations; the mystery of phantom signals; and understand the royal family's relationship with the press - and, finally, take an insightful trip back in time to the Second World War.

Factual Entertainment

Opening with a cameo from one of our favourite magicians, our Factual Entertainment Showreel takes you on adventures in the Australian outback; embeds you in the UK's emergency rescue teams; reveals the secrets behind engineering disasters and the U.S. Government's black budget; and introduces new Bridezillas and visitors to Marriage Boot Camp.