Range & Reach

DCD Rights is one of the UK’s leading independent television distribution companies, with over 35 years of international experience in acquiring and distributing multi-genre, high quality programming and programme formats. With over 3,500 hours of programming to offer, the catalogue encompasses a diverse range of genres, from cutting edge factual, and high profile drama to the best music acts, entertainment, lifestyle, documentary, and films.

It has established relationships with some of the most renowned broadcasters and independent producers around the globe, ensuring that it continues to be at the forefront of the international media distribution industry.

As a result DCD Rights represents programmes on behalf of companies as diverse as BBC Studios, UKTV, STV Studios, TLC, AMC Group, as well as over 70 independent producers including Tern TV, SandStone Global, Electric Pictures, Lingo Pictures, Greenstone TV and The Open University.

Market Intelligence

Over the past 35 years we have built a deep knowledge of the industry which enables us to determine the best market opportunities during the development process and to deliver far-reaching multimedia campaigns from pre-sales to international launch. The digital revolution and proliferation of new channels has made careful management of programming on an individual basis ever more important, and we are careful to make market informed choices to ensure the best results for our clients.

The Sales and Acquisition team is led by Nicky Davies Williams, CEO, who founded NBDtv over 30 years ago and is structured under senior executives who are genre specialists both in sales and acquisitions, and responsible for specific client management across distinct territories.

DCD Rights attends international markets including Miptv, Mipcom, Content London, Natpe Budapest and many others.

Investment Capacity

DCD Rights has established strong partnerships with a number of investment funds over the past 10 years that have enabled them to continue their expansion in the acquisition of new third party distribution rights.

“Having the support of these funds has been enormously beneficial to increasing our presence in the marketplace as a major distributor and has continuously allowed us to expand our footprint in a more aggressive way than ever before” says Nicky Davies Williams, CEO, DCD Rights.

“Over the years, our partnership with DCD Rights has allowed the business to acquire a significant library of content. We have continued to develop the business under the excellent stewardship of Nicky and her team, and have seen it flourish as a result” said David Craven, Chairman, NBD Holdings.

DCD Rights continues to look for quality new scripted, factual and music programming and expect this year to be an important milestone for investment.

Nicky Davies Williams added: “Under our previous funding arrangements in place for the last few years, DCD Rights has acquired hundreds of hours of programming and the intention is to significantly increase our investment going forward”.

DCD Rights is open to engaging with new investors who are interested in developing an investment programme that acquires and invests in growth opportunities within the media rights and distribution industry.

The company’s considerable investment capacity has been used to foster partnerships with high profile producers on a number of successful shows that continue to be licensed by broadcasters around the world. The dedicated ‘Acquisition’ section provides further details.


DCD Rights nurture a strong service culture towards our producers and buyers and are known for our effective back room and timely accounting.

The sales and acquisitions team has an in-depth knowledge of successfully acquiring and distributing programmes. This team have the knowledge and expertise to deal directly with producers and broadcasters around the world and as such use no agents. This ensures that we maintain a personal relationship with all broadcasters, producers and clients.

Furthermore, the company is able to offer further support through its marketing, technical and promotions departments, enabling a medium of communication between producers and broadcasters. As a result, DCD Rights strive to support all of their clients by ensuring that their programme achieves its full broadcast potential.

DCD Rights continues to grow and significantly expand its catalogue.