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Aussie Gold Hunters: Mine SOS

Factual Entertainment & Reality / 6 x 60' / HD, DVD, Non-Theatric

Electric Pictures for Discovery+

As a modern-day gold rush sweeps Australia, prospectors are racing to strike it rich. But while some cash in, many are struggling to turn their gold mining dreams into reality. Battling mechanical miseries and epic gold droughts, they’re missing the mining know-how to rescue their fortunes from disaster. But veteran Aussie Gold Hunter Paul Mackie and his mine makeover team are here to help turn prospectors’ pain back into profit. Paul is joined by geologist Aaron Raddock and logistics expert Melanie Wood. Together, the team travel to Australia’s toughest frontiers to help restore six struggling gold mining operations to success. With just six days to make mechanical fixes, locate new gold deposits, upgrade skills, and overhaul broken-down camp facilities, the crew are on a mission to transform goldmines and miners, as they dig deep to help those in need