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Brent Owens Unwraps Mauritius

Cookery / 10 x 30' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

Oxyg3n Media for Discovery

Australian cook Brent Owens travels the island of Mauritius trying out every bit of adventure and food he can get his hands on. For Brent, cooking isn’t just about making food, it’s about the whole experience and sharing it with others. He loves bold flavours and exploring fresh new ideas and combinations. In this series Brent uncovers the island’s history and delves deep into the thoughts and ideas of its people. He explores its stunning beaches, diverse culture and rich cuisine which make this Island paradise a destination not to be missed. From ocean to peak, city to beach; we unwrap the food and flavours, hear the authentic stories of the locals and have some extreme adventures in this little piece of paradise.