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Can You Fix A Brain Like Mine?

Factual Documentaries, Real Life Stories / 1 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

Popkorn TV for Channel 4

Once the stuff of science fiction, the age of commercial neuro enhancement – sculpting better brains, for a price- may soon be upon us. But at what cost? What are the moral and ethical implications of tinkering with the one thing in our body that is entirely responsible for making us…us? Part journey of personal discovery, part journey into the future of neuroscience, this one hour documentary meets the revolutionaries, mavericks and ground-breaking scientists operating at the far-flung frontiers of human knowledge into our brain’s functions and capacity and asks the question, if we can we make ourselves faster, smarter, better…is it right to do so?  If our brain embodies who we are then who do we become by manipulating it? Presented by Lotje Sodderland, herself recovering from a devastating brain haemorrhage that has left her without the ability to read, this is part first-person road trip, part futuristic glimpse into the ethics of neuroscience.