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Deep Water

Drama / 4 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Format, Non-Theatric

A Blackfella Films Production for SBS Broadcasting Australia, Screen Australia & Screen New South Wales

When the mutilated corpse of a young gay man is found in a smart Bondi beach apartment, Detectives Tori Lustigman and Nick Manning are assigned the case. Is this brutal murder a domestic, a robbery gone wrong, or a gay hate crime?

Single mother, Tori is a competent and intelligent detective, juggling work and family life. After the breakdown of her marriage, she returns to Bondi to her widowed father Don. Naturally outspoken she’s her own woman and doesn’t always fall into line the way her boss would like. When Tori was 11, her teenage brother disappeared after a family fight, one that Tori blames herself for. This event continues to haunt her thoughts.

Nick is a man comfortable in his own skin. A seasoned detective, Nick’s cases often get tricky. But, Nick has one rule. Never carry a gun.

With mounting evidence to suggest the perpetrator has killed before, they start digging through old investigations. The discovery is shocking. In the ‘80s and ‘90s they uncover up to 80 possible murders of gay men in New South Wales – unexplained deaths, ‘suicides’ and disappearances. Many of these killings were linked to youth gangs targeting and beating up gay men, a blood sport that went largely unpunished. Is this a result of shoddy police work, indifference, or something far more sinister – prejudice in an era of panic over HIV and AIDS?

As Tori’s fascination with the case turns to fixation, Nick starts to question her motives and judgement. Is she compromising the current case? Was her brother’s drowning twenty-five years ago actually a murder?

As other ritualistic murders occur with the same bizarre signature, they discover the killer is using the gay hook-up app THRUSTR to procure his victims. Any local using that app is now at risk. Honing in on the killer has far reaching consequences and Nick is forced to question the integrity behind the colleagues and an institution he has revered.  With key witnesses reluctant to talk, fearing their identities will be exposed and still wary of perceived homophobia within the police force, the investigation stalls. Meanwhile the killer circles in and witnesses end up dead.

But instinct pays off, and by reopening the cold cases, the detectives are finally able to reveal the truth about the past murders, including Tori’s brother.  In doing so, they uncover critical evidence leading them to the serial killer, bringing closure to the victim’s families, and bringing the killers, both past and present to justice.



Noah Taylor as NICK MANNING (Preacher, Game Of Thrones, Peaky Blinders)

Yael Stone as TORI LUSTIGMAN  (Picnic At Hanging Rock, Orange Is The New Black, Spirited)

William McInnes as INSPECTOR PEEL (Total Control, The Newsreader, East West 101,)

Dan Spielman as RHYS (Stateless, Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, The Code)

Danielle Cormack as BRENDA (Secret City, Jack Irish, Rake)



1 x 90′ Feature Documentary aslo available