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Disasters Engineered Series 2

Factual Entertainment & Reality / 10 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

Dash Pictures, Intermission Film & DCD Rights for Science Channel

Engineers push the boundaries of innovation leading humanity towards our greatest achievements. Their failures are Icarus-like moments when overreaching, communication breakdowns and fatal miscalculations can cost millions of dollars, lives and setback mankind’s advancement. This series travels across the world from the USA, to the UK, Russia, Haiti and beyond, revealing modern engineering’s greatest failures through carefully researched archive film, expert analysis, harrowing witness interviews and upscale graphics. We explore the events and facts behind infamous names like Fukushima, Exxon Valdez, Grenfell Tower and Three Mile Island, uncovering fatal flaws and new theories as to why these disasters happened. We also discover how tragedy can spur invention and progress. How do iconic events such as the explosion of the Piper Alpha Oil Rig, the cave-in of the San Jose mine in Chile and the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia force engineers to confront deadly flaws and create a brighter, safer future?