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Fast Freddie, The Widow & Me

Drama, TV Movies / 1 x 90' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

An STV Studios Production for ITV

Fast car salesman Jonathan Donald is invincible and in his world, there’s no problem money can’t solve. So when he finds himself in court, awaiting a fine for a drink-driving offence, he’s not remotely worried. Facing a disgruntled judge with a flare for creative sentencing, Jonathan ends up at a drop in centre for young adults. Here, Jonathan meets Freddie whose last wish is to have a traditional family Christmas. In a move that comes as a surprise to everyone, Jonathan devotes his time to make Freddie’s final wish come true. With the clock ticking, Jonathan’s mad dash to create the perfect family involves a motley crew of petty criminals, dodgy geezers and possibly the most loving relations Freddie will ever know.



Laurence Fox as JONATHAN DONALD (Victoria, Lewis, White Lines)

Tamzin Outhwaite as PATSY MORGAN (Ridley Road, Murder Is Easy, The Tower)

Jack McMullen as FREDDIE (Time, Hijack, Screw)

Sarah Smart as LAURA COOPER (Delicious, Silent Witness, Safe House)