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Fast Justice

Factual Entertainment & Reality / 10 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

ITN Productions for Dave

Fast Justice follows the Sentinels: Suffolk Constabulary’s cutting edge £1.6m, 21 officer strong unit, equipped with supercharged BMW 330s and advanced number plate recognition technology. Their mission is to combat the huge rise in serious crimes in the county. Every week, we witness Sentinel teams hunting in packs to arrest drug dealers, money launderers, thieves, and people traffickers. First, police draw up a ‘hotlist’ of dangerous criminals. A pursuit manager in the control hub then feeds this intelligence to the teams on the road – making split-second decisions to track and catch the criminals. While also filled with moments of humour and warmth, this exciting new series utilises 360 degree coverage and access to take the audience on a ‘ride along’ of high-speed chases, raids and arrests.