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How To Make…

Factual Documentaries, The Open University / 3 x 60' / HD, DVD, Non-Theatric

Wonder Television for The Open University & BBC Four

Material Scientist Zoe Laughlin takes us on a joyous journey of wonder and revelation as she challenges herself to make her version of some the most iconic and best-loved everyday items that we all use. Working at the interface of science, art and product design, each episode Zoe focuses on a specific domestic item to build, trainers, toothpaste and brush, and headphones. Zoe first dissects, layer by layer, not just the very fabric of the item, to figure out what makes it tick, but explore the historical development and social context that we all identify with. With her unique expertise, Zoe creates and selects the best possible materials to include. She borrows design ideas and materials from the past and present as well as experimenting with some of the latest cutting-edge materials at the forefront of technologies. Each episode sees Zoe take a journey of discovery, and not everything goes to plan.