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Jack Irish: Last Rites (Series 2)

Drama / 6 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Format, Non-Theatric

An Easy Tiger Production in association with ABC Australia & with the assistance of Film Victoria

Small-time lawyer, Jack Irish stumbles into a world of corrupt educational institutions aimed at international students. The apparent suicide of a foreign student triggers a chain of events that sees Jack risking his life to uncover the truth.

After Eddie, a Chinese courier who was supposed to deliver a package for Jack, shows up dead, Jack can’t help but get involved. Jack follows the trail of Eddie’s last movements, uncovering the events not only leading up to his death, but also encountering those that lead Jack down a longer, deadlier path.

Jack’s investigation unfolds an intricate web of lies leading all the way to India and back again, where he enlists the help of old flame, Linda, still working overseas as a journalist. But every step Jack takes towards the truth threatens his world and his friends – from Harry and Cam in the racing game, to cabinetmaker Charlie Taub’s granddaughter, to the Prince of Prussia run by Stan and his regular clientele, the Fitzroy Youth Club.

Jack must keep his wits about him, or this quest for the truth may be his last.



Guy Pearce as JACK IRISH (Mare Of Easttown, The Clearing, A Spy Among Friends)

Marta Dusseldorp as LINDA HILLIER (Bay Of Fires, The Twelve, Stateless)

Shane Jacobsen as BARRY TREGEAR (Guardians Of The Tomb, The Time Of Our Lives, The Bourne Legacy)

Aaron Pederson as CAM DELRAY (Mystery Road, Total Control, The Code)

Roy Billing as HARRY STRANG (The Panthers, Sisters, Love Is In The Air)


Additional Stars:

Danielle Cormack as DR RORY FINCH (Secret City, Year Of, The Secrets She Keeps)