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James Martin’s American Adventure

Cookery / 20 x 60' / 10 x 30' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

Blue Marlin Television for ITV

An action-packed, sun-soaked, food-filled road trip across the USA, ‘James Martin’s American Adventure’ is the next leg of the celebrated chef’s journey around the world exploring the food, people and places that inspire him. Travelling around the US on Harley Davidson bikes, pick up trucks, classic cars and super cars, James takes us through the Napa Valley, down the West Coast, slingshots across the great plains of Texas and takes in the swamps of the Deep South before a final leg back up the East Coast, and finally New York, where he returns to the scene of what he describes as ‘the best meal of his life’. Along with his trusty crew, the open roads await James’ voyage of discovery, across a country that has beguiled him of all his life, at perhaps one of the most important periods in its history.

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