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Real Detective: North Of The Border Series 2

Crime & Investigation, Drama, Factual Documentaries / 8 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Format, Non-Theatric

A WAM Media GRP Production commissioned by the CBC in association with the Canadian Media Fund

Real Detective: North Of The Border returns with eight new gripping episodes, each featuring a different Canadian homicide detective as they recall their most difficult case that not only deeply affected them but communities across Canada.  Each episode features a different detective reliving the one investigation that haunts him or her to this day. By combining the detective’s intimate, raw interviews with archival footage and dramatisations, this gripping series is an inside look at the challenges these detectives overcame and the ground-breaking techniques they implemented in order to solve their case.

Episode 1: To solve a brutal triple homicide, Detective Peter Baker must follow the trail of missing firearms.

Episode 2: When a man with no enemies and few friends is murdered, Detective Dave Sweet struggles to determine who could be responsible.

Episode 3: Detective Greg Brown turns to the local community for help when 17-year-old Jennifer Teague goes missing.

Episode 4: Scott Dell’s death looks like suicide, but it begins to look like murder when Detective Ken Leppert digs deeper.

Episode 5: Detective Bob Pulfer needs evidence to convict the man he believes murdered Louise Ellis, but to get it he must send a civilian undercover.

Episode 6: Detective Mike Richards pushes the boundaries of police protocol when 8-year-old Jackie Clark goes missing.

Episode 7: When 72-year-old Bruce Firman is found murdered in his home, Detective Keri Harrison must discover who could want to kill this kind, elderly man.

Episode 8: Detective Doug Morrison investigates the brutal murder of cab driver Lucie Turmel, but has few leads.


Dramatised Storyline re-enacted by:

Episode 1: Gil Bellows (Patriot, Eyewitness, 11.22.63)

Episode 2: Vincent Walsh (The Fall, Deception, Frankie Drake Mysteries)

Episode 3: Currie Graham (The Rookie, Westworld, Longmire)

Episode 4: Adam Harrington (Bosch, Shooter, Dexter)

Episode 5: David James Elliot (Impulse, Secrets & Lies, Mad Men)

Episode 6: Kenneth Mitchell (Captain Marvel, Notorious, Star Trek: Discovery)

Episode 7: Maxim Roy (19-2, Bad Blood, Shadowhunters)

Episode 8: Michael Shanks (Saving Hope, Stargate SG-1, Smallville)