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Real Detective: North Of The Border Series 3

Crime & Investigation, Drama, Factual Documentaries / 8 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Format, Non-Theatric

A WAM Media GRP Production commissioned by the CBC in association with the Canadian Media Fund

Real Detective: North Of The Border returns with eight new gripping episodes, each featuring a different Canadian homicide detective as they recall their most difficult case that not only deeply affected them but communities across Canada.  Each episode features a different detective reliving the one investigation that haunts him or her to this day. By combining the detective’s intimate, raw interviews with archival footage and dramatisations, this gripping series is an inside look at the challenges these detectives overcame and the ground-breaking techniques they implemented in order to solve their case.

Episode 1: Detective Gerry Belliveau takes on his most personal case when Mary Lou Barnes and her son, Larry Jr., are found strangled to death.

Episode 2: Detective Hank Idsinga’s investigation into the disappearance of Skanda Navaratnam uncovers a bizarre international cannibal ring.

Episode 3 (continued): As more men go missing from The Village, all eyes are on Detective Hank Idsinga to bring the disappearances to an end.

Episode 4: When Manjit Panghali is found murdered, Detective Harj Sidhu must look into his own community to find answers.

Episode 5: Detective Ryan Stef tries to solve the vicious murder of innocent grandmother, Irene Carter.

Episode 6: Detective Steve Kovach attempts to unravel why Awad Abdalla, an innocent father of four, was executed.

Episode 7: When young RCMP Constable Gordon Kowalczyk is found murdered on deserted road, it’s up to Detective Earl Peters to crack the case.

Episode 8: Detective Doug Grady investigates the deaths of Ian and Nancy Blackburn, and uncovers a pattern of crimes that suggest a serial killer is on the loose.


Dramatised Storyline re-enacted by:

Episode 1: Allan Hawco (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Departure, Frontier)

Episodes 2 & 3: James Tupper (Big Little Lies, A Million Little Things, American Woman) and Tammy Gillis (Siren, Van Helsing, Ghost Wars)

Episode 4: Sugith Varughese (Suits, Kim’s Convenience, The Girlfriend Experience)

Episode 5: Sasha Roiz (Grimm, Suits, Departure)

Episode 6: Rossif Sutherland (Catastrophe, The Expanse, Reign)

Episode 7: Shawn Doyle (Cardinal, Billions, House Of Cards)

Episode 8: Peter Outerbridge (Designated Survivor, Pure, 12 Monkeys)