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Scrap Kings: Demolition Day

Factual Entertainment & Reality / 20 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD

Back 2 Back Productions for Quest & Viasat World

Scrap Kings: Demolition Day is a roller coaster ride through the deconstruction and scrapping of our industrial past. In this ever modernising world of demolition, these savvy contractors are aiming to recycle up to 99% of materials by testing their demolition skills to the limit…structures falling in the wrong direction, poisonous asbestos, protected archaeology, explosives…all with the backdrop of impossibly tight time-frames and schedules. It’s a labour of love but our Scrap Kings make millions from their recycled aggregates, metals and wood.  From factories to bridges, unloved boats to clapped out cars. It’s a battle. Man and machine versus an immovable object.