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Secret Nazi Bases Series 3

Factual Documentaries / 6 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

Go Button Media & DCD Rights for Discovery, UKTV, documentary Channel & Hollywood Suite

The ruins of what was meant to be a thousand year empire still scar the face of the planet. Years later, archaeologists and researchers attempt to make sense of the mysteries left behind by the Nazis. In the post conflict rush to reorganize the world, and the looming cold war that capitalized on technology, secrets and weaponry left in the wake of the Third Reich lie hidden. Plots fade to myth, conspiracies to mist, and dark experiments vanish into whispers. From the impossibly massive bunker that gives hints to Hitler’s last attempt to turn the tides, to a mysterious installation on a remote icy island in Northern Canada that was discovered only decades after the Nazis were defeated, to the long hunted gold the SS stole, we decipher the clues to these Secret Nazi Bases.