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The Black Files Declassified

Crime & Investigation, Factual Entertainment & Reality / 6 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

Espiritus Productions & Spark TV for Discovery Science

Behind the locked doors of the U.S. government lies a shadowy world of classified projects we call The Black Files. It operates on an annual 90 billion dollar budget. Beyond military or classic defence, the funds go towards covert operations taking place in and outside U.S. borders and involving domestic and foreign targets. Hosted by a veteran former CIA operative and utilizing investigative journalists, specialized scientists and secret government sources, we’ll reveal, for the first time, the details, technology, engineering and missions behind clandestine operations of the recent past, many of which continue today. In every hour-long episode our investigator will reveal the details behind one clandestine project. We’ll learn about specific operations, how the elite teams are trained and operate, what technology is used, where the bases are located, details of missions and much more as we open The Black Files.