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The Straits

Drama / 10 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

A Matchbox Pictures Production for ABC Australia, Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, Screen NSW & Screen Tasmania

An exotic and darkly humorous crime series centered on a family smuggling operation in the Northern Straits of Australia.

The Montebellos are not your average family. Modern day smugglers, their family business is transporting drugs into Australia and guns and exotic wildlife out. Set amongst the beautiful turquoise waters off Northern Queensland and amidst the complex network of islands that are the Torres Strait and form Australia’s northern frontier. Bordered to the north by a developing nation on the verge of becoming a failed state, and to the south by a rich first-world country, the Straits is an easy target for contraband – wildlife, drugs, weapons and illegal immigrants. The islands are a confusing patchwork of jurisdictions policed by a mish mash of corrupt or incompetent government agencies.

In short, it’s a crime paradise.

This is a story of a family as much as it is a tale of crime.

Harry Montebello is rich and runs one of the most successful crime organisations in Queensland. He is married to a prominent Torres Strait Island woman. Virtually untouchable, he seems to have it all.

Which is why his family is shocked when he announces that he wants his three sons to compete for the right to replace him as head of the family when the time comes for him to retire. Noel, his brothers Marou and Gary, and sister, Sissi, jockey for dominant position of this new enterprise as the family faces a series of threats to their business…and to their lives.



Brian Cox as HARRY (Succession, Medici: Masters Of Florence, War & Peace)

Rena Owen as KITTY (The Orville, The Gloaming, Siren)

Aaron Fa’aoso as NOEL (Reef Break, Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms, East West 101)

Jim Bani as MAROU (Mabo, Redfern Now, Black Comedy)

Firass Durani as GARY (Mr Inbetween, House Husbands, Underbelly)

Suzannah Bayes-Morton as SISSI (Pulse, The Unlisted, Wilfred)

Kate Jenkinson as ANTOINETTE (Wentworth, Doctor Doctor, Five Bedrooms)

Emma Lung as LOLA (Entourage, Wonderland, Rake)

Rachael Blake as NATASHA (Cleverman, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, The Prisoner)