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The Travelling Auctioneers Series 2

Factual Entertainment & Reality / 20 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Format, Non-Theatric

STV Studios for BBC One

Auctioneers Christina Trevanion and Izzie Balmer are joined by craftsmen JJ Chalmers and Robin Johnson as they take their travelling auction house and workshop on the road to help families cash in on their unknown treasures. Sifting through a lifetime of belongings, in one family home at a time, Christina and Izzie call on their auctioneer contacts and expertise, whilst JJ and Robin use their incredible craft and restoration skills to bring new life to unwanted items – ready for a thrilling pop-up auction at the end of each episode. Every programme sees Christina or Izzie pair with either Robin or JJ as they use their know-how and knowledge to increase the value of items they discover before putting them under the gavel. The families’ forgotten heirlooms will find new homes, while raising much-needed money for something close to their heart.