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Treasures With Bettany Hughes Series 1

Factual Documentaries / 6 x 60' / 4K, HD, Airline, DVD, Non-Theatric

SandStone Global Productions in association with BBC World News

Boasting unique access and state-of-the-art technology, host Bettany Hughes lifts the lid on the most remarkable treasures of civilisation to investigate the story of humanity over six fabulous hours. Bettany visits shipwrecks, temples, palaces, underground labyrinths, and live excavations in Greece, Gibraltar, Malta, and other Mediterranean Islands, including Delos and Ischia. She also explores the city of Istanbul, before travelling further afield to the sands of Arabia. Treasures With Bettany Hughes is armchair travel at its most vivid and memorable, championing what ordinary people throughout time have achieved through the sheer force of will, inspiration and collaboration.