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Ultimate Movers

Factual Entertainment & Reality / 8 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD

Back 2 Back Productions for Dave

From road haulage to shipping, we unravel the fascinating journeys taken by the biggest cargo in Britain and those who have to carefully guide it from A to B. Moving giant brewing silos, circus big tops, ice sculptures and stream trains is never easy. With the deadlines always on the horizon, our Ultimate Movers try to rise to the challenge, battling against the elements, guiding oversized transport through narrow and winding roads. Overcoming problems to get their precious cargo there, on time, and in one piece. Time is always money and at pinch points there’s no room for error. There’s a cast of real characters who keep the UK moving around the clock, from the crane operators to warehouse foremen, truck drivers and ship captains. In testing times, movement of goods is high on the agenda. In this exclusive, access led series, we find out what keeps the UK moving today…while the Ultimate Movers work out what will confront them tomorrow.