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Violent Child, Desperate Parents Series 2

Factual Documentaries, Real Life Stories / 4 x 60' / HD, Airline, DVD, Format, Non-Theatric

Popkorn TV for Channel 5

In this ground-breaking series, pioneering child psychologist Laverne Antrobus takes on some of the UK’s most violent and difficult children. Laverne has 25 years’ experience working with families at breaking point, and when it comes to helping a violent child, Laverne passionately believes that you need to treat the family as a whole.  This classic nature verses nurture argument takes Laverne’s ideas out of the consulting room and directly into the homes of some of the UK’s most violent children. She knows her methods may be challenging, but they produce astonishing results – even when she’s confronted by some of the most extreme behaviour she’s ever seen.