DCD Rights racks up 230 hours of factual content across Europe

26 April 2023

Leading UK-based distributor DCD Rights announces a raft of factual sales across Europe in deals brokered by Head of Sales, Rick Barker.

Included in the 230 hours of programming, M6 France has signed a 48-hour VOD package deal for a selection of cookery titles as well as 21st Century Serial Killer and Haunted Encounters, and RMC Découverte (France) will take Aussie Gold Hunters Series 8 and Aussie Gold Hunters: Mine SOS.

Treasures With Bettany Hughes Series 2 and Secrets Of The London Underground Series 1 will travel to RTVE Spain through an agreement with Expressive, with Discovery Spain taking 6 hours of Secret Nazi Bases Series 3.  Sky Germany has secured a 93-hour package with all the Coast Guard franchise and Disasters Engineered among others, GEO Television, Germany takes Deception: World War II and Treasures With Bettany Hughes Series 2 in a 10-hour deal, and Seven. One Entertainment Group (Germany) has bought 20 hours of Aussie Gold Hunters Series 7.

Gibraltar TV has agreed a 26-hour deal including titles Treasures With Bettany Hughes Series 2, Secrets Of The London Underground Series 1, along with World’s Greatest Ships Series 1 & 2.

Rick Barker, Head of Sales, DCD Rights says, “Engaging factual programming remains a very sought after genre by platforms and broadcasters throughout Europe as viewers are eager to discover more about the world around them as well as the effects of history.  We are very pleased to have a number of long-running, absorbing non-fiction series that continue to delight international audiences.”

21st Century Serial Killer, produced by FirstLookTV and DCD Rights, forensically researches the lives of the killers who can’t stop killing, revealing how the grim opportunities, provided by the 21st century, played a part in a number of murders. Whilst Haunted Encounters, a Jarrett Creative production, follows some famous faces as they tell the audience terrifying tales of coming face-to-face with the paranormal.

Perennial favourite, Aussie Gold Hunters produced by Electric Pictures for Discovery follows teams of gold hunters as they battle the mounting heat and treacherous outback, determined to cash in on the highest Aussie gold price in history.

Treasures With Bettany Hughes, produced by Sandstone Global Productions in association with BBC World News, is armchair travel at its most vivid and memorable, boasting unique access and state-of-the-art technology. Bettany Hughes lifts the lid on the most remarkable treasures of civilisation to investigate the story of humanity.

Produced by Bob Brown Productions for Yesterday, Secrets Of The London Underground sees railway historian Tim Dunn and the London Transport Museum’s Siddy Holloway explore the hidden and disused parts of London’s underground network and they uncover secrets that reveal the histories of the stations and the extraordinary people who designed them.

Secret Nazi Bases, a Go Button Media and DCD Rights production, follows archaeologists and researchers as they attempt to make sense of the mysteries left behind by the Nazis. From the impossibly massive bunker that gives hints to Hitler’s last attempt to turn the tides, to a mysterious installation on a remote icy island in Northern Canada that was discovered only decades after the Nazis were defeated, to the long hunted gold the SS stole, we decipher the clues to these Secret Nazi Bases.

Coast Guard, produced by Al Roker Entertainment, features intense rescue missions that closely follow the guardsmen from the moment they get the distress call to when they gear up and speed out to any given rescue site, often in conditions that would be considered daunting in an effort to save lives.

Disasters Engineered, a Dash Pictures, Intermission Film and DCD Rights production, sees engineers push the boundaries of innovation leading humanity towards our greatest achievements, and revealing modern engineering’s greatest failures through carefully researched archive film, expert analysis, harrowing witness interviews and upscale graphics.

Deception: World War II, from Wildbear Entertainment in association with Viasat History and DCD Rights, is a chronological series that weaves tales of the deception and countermeasures used by both sides of the Second World War to deadly effect. Tracking six years of conflict, this series uses a wealth of archive footage and expert interviews to explore astounding stories of subterfuge and covert operations.

The World’s Greatest Ships, produced by Windfall Films, reveals the secrets of the historic ships that shaped the world and how and why these monumental vessels were originally built.